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Mollucas The Experimental Kisar

Mollucas The Experimental Kisar

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  • High-Quality Material: Frames are crafted from premium Acetate, ensuring strength and comfort.
  • InnoLink Hinge System: A revolutionary approach to hinge design. This system offers unmatched flexibility and durability, reducing the need for frequent adjustments.
  • Spare Parts Warranty: Additional protection with a 6-month warranty on spare parts.


Philosophy Behind "The Experimental Vol. 4"

  • Innovative Creation Process: We start with in-depth research on materials and mechanisms to create more than just a vision aid.
  • Bold Design: Using an improved frame material formulation, we ensure unmatched comfort and durability.
  • InnoLink Hinge System: This innovative hinge system offers flexibility like never before, reducing the need for frequent adjustments.
  • More Than Just an Innovation Story: The Experimental Vol. 4 symbolizes our understanding of eyewear users' needs, answered with beauty and intelligent design.

Notes :

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